Guild Rules, Regulations, and Information

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Guild Rules, Regulations, and Information

Post  Pentt on Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:03 pm

Well, this guild is new to the server and we are kinda low manned but we still need to have rules so we don't go getting into trouble with others. As said here are some rules to follow while in Shinigami. These rules will change:

1. Racial Slurs will not be tolerated in guild chat or on vent. You may feel superior but in shinigami you're no better then anyone else.

2. Keep cursing to a minimum it won't be so strict but i don't want to see f this and f that in guild chat.

3. Fighting in guild chat is a no no. If you have a problem with another guild member keep it to whispers or bring it to an officer to deal with. We want a fun peaceful guild.

4. The officers are not always right. Explanation on this, if you get in an argument with an officer and you feel you were mistreated bring it up with another officer or me. And we'll discuss it.

More to come later...

Vent- Vent info is in the guild information. Vent is a privilege not a right. Don't mess with people on vent if they want privacy give it to them. Cursing, yelling, and racial slurs will not be tolerated. The Admins reserve the right to kick, global mute, and ban anyone at their will but it will not be abused. No one but the officers are admins except for the owner and one other retired WoW players. If you have any problems with vent contact Pentt or Gupaco.

Site/ Forums- Obviously you are on it. Harassment and abusive language will not be tolerated. Keep things civil and peaceful. Cursing should be kept to a minimum but is only punishable if over used. Porn or any such related items are not aloud and will result in your account being deactivated. This is a place for fun and enjoyment don't abuse that privilege.

Guild Ranks that need to be known-

Guild Master- I am the Guild master but i am not a supreme power. I am basically a figure head and have just as much power as any of the other officers. I will set rules and regulations as i see fit with approval of the council.

Council- The Council members are the class officers and officers appointed by the council. They set rules, regulations, decide who stays and who goes, and if people should be a higher rank or lower rank then they currently are. We are here to help not be powerful so treat us like any other member.

Guild Bank- From the moment the first tab is inserted the guild bank will be opened to deposit money and items only, no withdraws will be made by anyone but the council and myself. If something is needed from the guild bank ask an officer to get it for you. A certain amount of withdraws will be determined for members per day and if used excessively you may have to pay for items.


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